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10 Great Crime Films You May Have Missed

Cover of "Gorky Park [Region 2]"1. Gorky Park (1983)

An investigator (William Hurt) on the Moscow police force relentlessly pursues the solution to a triple homicide which occurred in Moscow’s Gorky Park. He finds that no one really wants him to solve the crime because it is just the tip of a complex conspiracy which involves the highest levels of the Moscow city government.

2. Jennifer 8 (1992)

A big city cop from LA moves to a small town police force and immediately finds himself investigating a murder. Using theories rejected by his colleagues, the cop, John Berlin, meets a young blind woman named Helena, who he is attracted to. Meanwhile, a serial killer is on the loose and only John knows it.

3. Switchback (1997)

After discovering his son missing and the baby sitter murdered, an FBI agent tracks a serial killer he’s convinced committed the crimes. His investigation leads him to Texas, where two new murders match the killer’s pattern.

4. To Live & Die in LA (1985)

After ace counterfeiter Rick Masters (Willem Dafoe) murders the partner of Secret Service agent Richard Chance (William Petersen), the gumshoe will stop at nothing to even the score. Big problem, though: Masters is, well, a master at the game and outfoxes Chance at every turn. Can Chance outwit him? William Friedkin directs this suspenseful, violent thriller with the City of Angels (a misnomer in this case) as the alluring backdrop.

5. Happy Texas (1999)

Mistaken as consultants to a beauty pageant in the town of Happy, Texas, two escaped convicts go along with the ruse, masquerading as gay lovers Harry (Jeremy Northam) and Wayne (Steve Zahn). In trying to teach Happy’s Junior Misses to win, the two run up against a sheriff (William H. Macy) with the hots for Harry, and a local teacher (Illeana Douglas) catches Wayne’s eye.

6. Clay Pigeons (1998)

Death seems to follow small-town Montanan Clay Birdwell wherever he goes. But the death toll climbs even higher when a fast-talking serial killer forges a friendship against Clay’s will, attracting the attention of a feisty FBI agent.

7. Insomnia (2002)

Sent to investigate the murder of a teenage girl in a small Alaska town, police detective Will Dormer (Al Pacino) accidentally shoots his partner, Hap (Martin Donovan), while trying to apprehend a suspect (Robin Williams). But in spite of his guilt, he’s still determined to solve the case. Hilary Swank co-stars as a local detective who hampers Dormer’s efforts based on her suspicions about the circumstances of Hap’s death.

8. Shattered (1991)

A horrific car accident destroys the face and memory of Dan Merrick (Tom Berenger), while his beautiful wife (Greta Scacchi) remains unharmed. Although plastic surgeons repair the physical damage, Dan remembers nothing about his life before the accident. With time, however, Dan begins to realize his wife is trying to hide something from him. But what? It’s a tangled web of deception and intrigue he’s determined to solve. …

9. FEAR (1990)

Psychic Ally Sheedy helps police solve murders by mentally linking with the murderer. Then she discovers a murderer with the same talent – who wants to share the fear of his victims with her!

10. Thunderheart (1992)

When the FBI can’t crack a string of murders on a South Dakota Indian reservation, they send in fresh-faced field agent Ray Levoi (Val Kilmer), who lacks experience but holds a trump card: his quarter Sioux heritage. His cynical boss (Sam Shepard) and the local medicine man (Marvin Thin Elk) try to throw him off the trail. But as he gets closer to the truth, he must choose between upholding the law and honoring his roots.

BONUS:  The Presidio (1988)

Murder is afoot at the Presidio, a military base on San Francisco’s perimeter. The civilian detective assigned to the case (Mark Harmon), no stranger to a uniform, must cooperate with an old rival (Sean Connery) — who happens to be the base commander. Personalities clash as the men work toward the same goal but in opposite directions. Meanwhile, the commander’s wild-child daughter (Meg Ryan) becomes an attractive distraction for the detective.

What films would you recommend? Comment below!


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