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CSI Sarah Richards is back in the heart pumping follow up to The Scent of Fear. Months after the assassination of Governor Hoines, a determined genealogist stumbles upon a conspiracy that threatens to expose a plot to reshape the nation by a rich and cunning family in Colorado. Now the Gerovit, an elite group of Russian assassins returns to destroy any evidence of the conspiracy. As Sarah’s mentor and his nephew Daniel crisscross the nation trying to unravel the genealogist’s coded journal, Sarah must discover how two double murders separated by a century are connected to the most powerful man in Colorado. But with enormous political forces, a team of killers, and her own department working against her, can Sarah unravel the clues before she becomes a part of history herself?

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The Scent of Fear

“A stunning debut. Tom Adair knows forensics so well he plants your boots inside the crime scene tape.”

CJ West author of The End of Marking Time

About the Book

Sarah and Daniel have each stood face to face with evil before. This time they’ll face the threat together. Youthful and impulsive, Sarah is a tough; no nonsense criminalist determined to measure up to the male cops around her. Daniel is a former special ops soldier adjusting to civilian life while working at his uncle’s forensic science center. Now, two killers have brought them together. One is a psychopathic murderer who turns the tables on Sarah. The other is a professional assassin only Daniel understands. Hampered by her inexperience and the sniper’s knowledge of forensics, Sarah struggles to understand the unusual clues left at the crime scenes. When Daniel’s mysterious past lands him in jail, Sarah must overcome her fears as she finds herself trapped between the killer she is pursuing and the one pursuing her.

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The Scent of Fear is the first novel in a trilogy about the pursuit, capture, and prosecution of a serial sniper at the center of a multi-generational conspiracy to forever change the seat of power in the United States.

About the Book

A must have guide for students planning a career in the forensics sciences written by a former forensic scientist. This planning guide will assist prospective students in making themselves the most marketable they can be in this highly competitive profession. This edition includes appendix on recommended college programs, student research projects, and sample oral board employment questions.

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  2. Right now I am under a contractual obligation with Amazon prime but send me an e-mail to and I may be able to do something for you gratis.

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